Genetic Design Automation

Supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF QSB award 0331270, NSF CCF award 0737644, NSF CCF award 0916042, NSF CCF award 1218095, NSF CCF award 1748200), Professor Myers and his colleagues have been developing methods for the modeling, analysis, and design of genetic circuits. In these projects, Professor Myers and his colleagues developed, among other things, a method to learn genetic circuit models from time series experimental data, efficient abstraction-based stochastic analysis methods, and methods for genetic circuit design. This research has been implemented within the freely available software tools SBOLDesigner, iBioSim, and SynBioHub. Under NSF DBI award 1356041, Professor Myers his colleagues at the University of Washington (Professors Herbert Sauro and John Gennari) are developing infrastructure to support the synthetic biology open language (SBOL).






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