Zach Zundel


I am an undergraduate student working in the Myers Research Group to develop tools within the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) ecosystem. Outside of research, I am pursuing a dual bachelors degree in Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering. My interests include data analysis, genetics, and biological circuits. Currently, my main work is on the SBOL Validator.


  • libSBOLj 2.0: A Java Library to Support SBOL 2.0
    • Zhang, Zhen et al. “Libsbolj 2.0: A Java Library To Support SBOL 2.0”. IEEE Life Sciences Letters 1.4 (2015): 34-37. Web. 7 Dec. 2016.
  • Sharing Structure and Function in Biological Design with SBOL 2.0
    • Roehner, Nicholas et al. “Sharing Structure And Function In Biological Design With SBOL 2.0”. ACS Synthetic Biology 5.6 (2016): 498-506. Web. 7 Dec. 2016.
  • A Converter from the Systems Biology Markup Language to the Synthetic Biology Open Language
    • Nguyen, Tramy et al. “A Converter From The Systems Biology Markup Language To The Synthetic Biology Open Language”. ACS Synthetic Biology 5.6 (2016): 479-486. Web. 7 Dec. 2016.


  • A Validator/Convertor for the Synthetic Biology Open Language
    • IWBDA 2016
  • SBOL Validator/Convertor
    • SBOL16


  • A Standards-Enabled Workflow for Synthetic Biology
    • Utah Research Reproducibility Conference 2016
  • Steps Towards a Curated SBOL Repository: Creating and Annotating Models from Literature
    • COMBINE 2015